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title - Personalize a title.


One may express themselves via the 'who' list by changing their title, the phrase that comes after their name, to something wonderful and not harassing to other players. There are some limitations to the characters that could be used in titles.

Command Description
title Display current title.
title <text> Set title to <text>.
title -clear Remove current title.


> title
Your current title is cannot be shred in one round.
> title is eating pretzels and is thirsty
Ok. Your new title is: is eating pretzels and is thirsty.
> who
=< StickMUD: 8 players, 1 coder >==========================================
                   Bristahl the Harmless
        Vicegerent Cujo a Lord Arch-Priest of Boccob
           Waztorq Iztorq Alwayz will Betorq
Greater Half-Deity Rango the bored sailor
             Admin Tamarindo is eating pretzels and is thirsty
            Prince Tengri the Bardic Maestro
            Castor Venom The Farting Wet Beaver
     Super Villain Ventar the UNHINGED

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