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tell - Send a direct message to someone on the game.


Tell enables sending a direct message to someone else on the game, including both players and non-player characters. Tell comes with a couple of modes (conv & lock) which are useful when having a long conversation with one person. The reply command sends a direct message to the last person that sent you a tell.

Command Description
tell <who> <message> Message a player or NPC.
reply <message> Message the last player or NPC that messaged you.
tell last Display your most recent tells.
tell last # Display a number of your most recent tells.
tell last more Display your tells in the past 24 earth hours.
tell conv <who> Begin conversation mode with player. Use ~ or ** to exit this mode.  Start a line with ! to send normal commands.
tell lock <who> Enters lock mode. Locks your tells to a player.
tell unlock Exits lock mode.
retell <who> Sends your previous tell to another player.


tell doomdark Hi! Doomdark gets: 'Alcal tells you: Hi!'
retell mclaud Mclaud gets: 'Alcal tells you: Hi!'
tell last Shows your last 20 tells
tell last 15 Shows your last 15 tells
reply Yeah.. If it was Mclaud who told Alcal something he would get: 'Alcal tells you: Yeah..'
tell doomdark,mclaud At least I don't.. Sends Doomdark and Mclaud: 'Alcal tells you: At least I don't..'

See Also

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