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regchar - Register a new character.


This command is used to link a NEWLY CREATED character to an EXISTING character, or vice versa. The advantages of this include complying with the StickMUD multiple character policy (see multiple-char).

Command Description
regchar View usage instructions.
regchar <name> <password> Register <name> identified by <password> to this character.


  • The EXISTING character must be level 10 or higher.
  • The NEWLY CREATED character must not be previously registered.
  • If registering from an EXISTING character, the NEWLY CREATED character must be previously created and saved.
  • If registering from your NEWLY CREATED character, you must register immediately before playing.
  • You cannot register more than the maximum number of multiple characters (currently 15).

Registration Steps

Failure to adhere to this can result in your NEWLY CREATED character being destructed without any warning.

To register from a NEWLY CREATED character:

  1. Log out your EXISTING character.
  2. Create the NEW character and immediately use the 'regchar' command to register it to your EXISTING character.

To register from an EXISTING character:

  1. Log out your EXISTING character.
  2. Create the NEW character and then log out. DO NOT PLAY THE NEW CHARACTER YET!!!!
  3. Log in your EXISTING character and use the 'regchar' command to register the NEWLY CREATED character to you.

Suggestion: If you are trying to make it so no one knows your NEW character, don't log out the new character right away (idle if you must) and allow some time between logins.


> regchar snap password123
Registry failed!

Probable cause: that multiple character name is already in use

See also "help regchar"

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