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opk - Manage optional player killing preferences.


[Beta Testing] Participation in player killing is optional. This command enables viewing and managing the option settings. Players who participate receive a 5% bonus to all gains of experience. Those who participate will show on the who list with an (OPK) tag beside their name. Options may be changed once per 24 hours of in-game time.

Command Description
opk Display current optional PK preferences.
opk [on] Opt in to participate in player killing.
opk [off] Opt out to participate in player killing.


> opk
Optional PK mode is off.
You can change this option now.
> opk on
[Info]: Tamarindo joined optional PK (OPK).
Optional PK mode is now on.
> opk off
Optional PK mode is on.
You can change this option in 23h 59m 56s.

See Also

mkinfo, and pkinfo