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boccob - Boccob, the Uncaring


Boccob is the God of Neutrality, Magic and Arcane Knowledge. Uncaring as he is, it seems to be of no importance to him, wether or not anyone worships or serves him. Boccob's interests lie in learning and studying the planes of existence, leaving him little time to be concerned for ordinary living beings. Unlike their father, his two sons, Caine and Seth, haven't avoided to take followers, quite the opposite. They have both gathered a large number of worshippers, but have never really wanted to be the center of worshipping. Merely they have been teaching their followers, and let the worshipping to be concentrated on Boccob, for whom this of course has been indifferent. Boccob has some followers, but there have never been many of them. His disciples have been more powerful than those of Caine's or Seth's, but becoming one is said to be very difficult.

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