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party - team up and tackle challenges with other players


Group with other players and work as a team to solve challenges, battle foes and enjoy a boost in experience in a party.

Command Description
party View the active parties in the game.
party invite <who> Invite someone to join a party.
party join Accept an invite to join a party.
party decline Decline an invite to join a party.
party follow [on | off] Party member may toggle automatically following the leader.
party help Party member may view this help.
party hist Party member may review the history of the party channel.
party leave Party member may leave the party.
party report Party member may report their personal vitals to party members.
party retreat Party member may retreat from a battle.
party say <message> Party member may say something on the party channel.
party status Party member may review the experience gained by the party.
party tail Party member may read the tail end of party channel.
party disband Party leader may disband the party.
party kick <who> Party leader may kick <who> out of the party.
party lead [on | off] Party leader may toggle leadership of the party.
party title Party leader may set the party title visible on who list.
party transfer <who> Party leader may transfer party leadership to <who>.

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