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cook - Cook corpses to regain vitals and satiate.


Cook up a delicious meal after your battles that will make you feel better and improve your vital statistics. There are limits to how much each race could consume.

Command Description
cook corpse Build a fire and cook the first corpse in the room, if any.
cook corpse [#] Build a fire and cook the # corpse in the room, if any.


Harry says: how's it going tamarindy mctamarindoface
> zap harry
You summon a flash of lightning at Harry!!!
Harry falls down, dead.
> cook corpse
You start a small cooking fire.
You place the corpse over the fire. YUM! YUM! YUM! You can't wait!
The corpse crackles and pops in the fire, slowly turning darker and darker.
The aroma kicks your demonic hunger into overdrive and you remove the corpse from the
You can't wait another second! You savagely devour the cooked meat!

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