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socials - Commands to express emotions


The game has many pre-built social commands which are available to use to express emotions to yourself and others. This command lists all of the socials available for use. Each social comes with a list of adverbs that help accentuate the emotion. Type "-adverbs" after the social to see the list. To use one of the listed adverbs, one may type the adverb as the first or second parameter after the social command. For quick access, one may type the first few letters of the adverb to match upon. It is also possible to use the "none" and "random" keywords to respectively drop or randomly choose an adverb from the list. If no living or item target is added to the social syntax, one may also choose to type multiple adverbs. Socials may be directed at the room, yourself, an item in inventory, an item in the room, a living in the room, or a player on a game channel. To use social commands with the channel system, send the social command surrounded by asterisk characters (i.e., newbie *cheer filth random*).

Command Description
socials List all social commands.


> socials
The following socials are available:  aggressive, agree, anxious, applaud, apuva, ayt, bantha, bark, beep, beg, bite, blush, bonk, boo, bounce, bow, brace, bump, burp, ...
> cheer
You cheer enthusiastically.
> cheer random
You cheer appreciatively.
> cheer none
You cheer.
> cheer -adverbs
Default adverb for "cheer":  enthusiastically

Available adverb(s) for "cheer":  admiringly, appreciatively, approvingly, boisterously, ceremonially, ceremoniously, ecstatically, energetically, enthusiastically, excitedly, exuberantly, fervently, heartily, joyfully, jubilantly, loudly, rapturously, sincerely, triumphantly, and wholeheartedly

Match an adverb from the list by typing the first few letters (i.e., "cheer adm" => cheer admiringly).
Use "random" to select any adverb from the list (i.e., "cheer random").
Use "none" to not use an adverb (i.e., "cheer none").
> newbie *cheer tamarindo exu*
[Newbie] Tamarindo cheers exuberantly for himself.

See Also

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