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ignore - Block messages from a person.


When an ignored player tries to tell you something, they will see the message:

<Your name here> is ignoring you.
  • You can ignore coders on channels, but not tells from coders.
  • Ignored names are not saved when you quit.
  • Ignore does not currently block say/shout/whisper etc.
  • The ignored player will know you are ignoring him/her.
  • If someone is spamming you (hundreds of tells per minute), ask a coder for help.

The -all option is useable only by coders, allowing them to ignore all mortals. Coders can use the 'allow' command to allow certain people to talk to them.

Command Description
ignore Display who you are ignoring.
ignore <player> Toggles ignoring tells and pings from player.
ignore <player> 0 Stops ignoring player.
ignore <player> 1 Ignores tells and pings from player.
ignore <player> 2 Ignores player on channels.
ignore <player> 3 Ignores tells, pings and channels from player.
ignore -all Ignores all mortals. This command is for coders only.
ignore -clear Stop ignoring everyone.

See Also

allow, away, channel, info, ping, rsay, say, shout, tell, whisper, who, and yell